What type of women men find irresistible?

Secret nr.2: Let the inner child coming out


Your inner child, or your inner youthfullness brings a fresh breathe in your attitude that is most charming in men’s eyes.

Youthfulness is an attitude. It consists of things like innocence and childlike energy, and this is something that stimulate men on a subconscious level.

You would think that your look counts first. Well, that is partly true. But men are more subtle that we think:  your “inner energy” is equally attracting, if not more.

Men subconsciously sense when a woman is fresh and has kept herself separate from the negativity of other’s opinions and when a woman has allowed herself to become burnt out, burdened with obligations and has lost touch with the little girl within.

And this has nothing to do with age. Youthfullness is an attitude. It’s the decision to not hold unto the past and negative emotions. This is living in the ever new “now”.

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