What type of women men find irresistible?

The 12 Steps Formula

What is the deepest desire of men in regard how their perfect woman would be ? Such concept of being a perfect woman doesn’t exist of course, but men’s heart can be deeply melted when women behave in a certain way. It doesn’t take lot of effort. It doesn’t take lot of struggles. It is simply about a better understanding of male psychology.

After nearly 10 years of coaching women from around the world (including some high-profile celebrities) and scouring the world for the secrets of successful relationship dynamics, I’ve discovered subtle secrets about male psychology most “experts” aren’t talking about… which cause that “spark” that make men feel a woman is irresistible… and what causes men to lose interest.

Secret nr. 1: Stay cool

Post17.2Men prefer cool women who don’t take themselves too serious and who are not emotionally over reacting or worrying

Many women become, tense or upset in reaction to men being unthoughtful.

Now, men sometimes do hurtful and brainless things, and you have every right to feel what you’re feeling.

The problem is, allowing your emotions to control your actions with a man can seriously hurt his level of attraction for you.

What women don’t realize is that in most occasions, men are not even aware that they hurt you! So, nagging him to change his behaviour or trying aggressively to convince him to feel love for you  is a sure way for him to pull back.

But, here’s a tip.

Men universally crave women who stay light-hearted and relaxed… ESPECIALLY when things get rough. Unfortunately this is very rare for a man to find.

Humor and light-heartdeness is like a BILLBOARD mounted to a woman’s forehead that says “I’m the one!”

If you lead with a sense of humor when things are not going well, it’s amazing for your man and can instantly turn your love life around.

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