signs that a guy likes you


From Thug to Mr.right

5 Things Women wish Men would Give Up. We found this article very interesting for women to read, because that draws a line of standard we can refer to. Confusion can be the worse enemy when it comes to relationship. Why not having a clear vision of what you want before entering into a relationship ? There Read More


How your vision can empower your Relationship

“Cool” is not enough. A woman’s vision makes all the difference in the world The first of this set of 3 videos was about creating your place of Love Abundance. Second video was about pre-framing your man to be honest with you. In the process of how to get a guy to like you, the Read More


Why Men Prefer to lie

Pre-Frame Men to be Honest with You The one thing men fear above everything, is the reaction of women when they give them an honest answer. You see, they would rather prefer their arm chopped by a crocodile than suffer the wrath of an offended crying and shouting woman. And why is that? In your search Read More


To be in the place of Love Abundance to attract the right guy

Forget for now the Signs that a Guy Likes You Be yourself the magnet that will attract the right guy. The best place to be is the place of Love Abundance that will differentiate you in his eyes from being a casual girl to a woman whom he may wish to become his wife. You Read More


How To Make A Guy Like You – What Guys Really Want…

I’m sure you’ve all been in a situation where you meet a guy and, at first, you hardly notice him. After a while, though, he starts to become more… interesting. Next he smiles (and yes, he does have a very nice smile), then the sideways glances when he thinks you are not looking, soon there Read More