how to tell if a guy likes you


How to know instantly if a guy likes you

4 Simple Tips to Know Instantly if a Guy is into You If you are familiar to this site, you must be able by now to recognize the signs that a guy likes you. But it’s useful to understand it from different angles, right? Mr.Handsome comes with a new video and here is what shows Read More


Talking About How Men Think: Are Men Afraid of Their Feelings?

It is a fairly common thought among women when men seem to take a step back that they are afraid of their feelings. Men themselves in general, do not concur. It is the ladies seeking to make sense of the imbalance in the relationship that they feel, who try to rationalize it, and give some Read More


Discover the Real Reason ALL Men Lie to the Women They Love


How To Tell If A Guy Likes You For A Committed Relationship

“When I first meet a man, he develops a decent interest in me. However, after a few dates, he becomes very distant. At this point, I feel I should give up because he spends more time ignoring me.” Sadly, this is a very typical pattern for early relationships. In the beginning, the interest is strong. Read More


Top 10 Mistakes Women Make On First Dates

Let’s get honest for a minute. Being invited out for a meal or a drink with a man isn’t necessarily some great accomplishment. However, first dates are always a good marker for how a relationship could progress. They can either end on a positive note, or be a total disaster. The question for many women Read More


Learn To Understand Men – How men (may) think – part II

A lot of the problems that exist between men and women are due to mis-communication. This is because men and women simply don’t function the same way, much less communicate in the same way. Nevertheless, we do have the same needs and, for women, part of that is being able to know how to tell Read More


How To Make A Guy Like You – What Guys Really Want…

I’m sure you’ve all been in a situation where you meet a guy and, at first, you hardly notice him. After a while, though, he starts to become more… interesting. Next he smiles (and yes, he does have a very nice smile), then the sideways glances when he thinks you are not looking, soon there Read More