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How to Flirt to get a guy you like fall for you (and fall for you he will)

6 easy steps to cross the bridge between this man you noticed and Yourself We find this article the most simple and easiest to put immediately into practice. There is often a fine line between flirting and coming across as annoying, at least that’s been my experience. I’ve seen women practically throw themselves into the Read More


From Thug to Mr.right

5 Things Women wish Men would Give Up. We found this article very interesting for women to read, because that draws a line of standard we can refer to. Confusion can be the worse enemy when it comes to relationship. Why not having a clear vision of what you want before entering into a relationship ? There Read More


How to flirt with a Guy – Part 2

Flirting from a Man Point of View The basics are little different this time, and perhaps need a little bit more focus from your side. But hey, if you want to know how to meet men, these are precious tips. Here are the points: Eye contact Touch Voice Learn more from Mr. Handsome: 


How To Understand Men – How men think

Ah, The mysteries of the male mind! Through the centuries, much has been written about the complexity of the feminine mind, forgetting how mysterious men can be. (Suffice to say, most of the writers were men!) How often has male behavior left us perplexed? We cry over how men think and how to find love Read More