how to flirt with a guy


Cheesy Teacher knows best how to charm a man

Leave up Your Opinion about Older guys, thew know things you don’t Watch out Dr.Paul giving his timeless tips on how to charm men. Men are no less sensitive to words than women, and it would do you a lot good if you knew how to tell a guy you like him in the right Read More


How to Flirt to get a guy you like fall for you (and fall for you he will)

6 easy steps to cross the bridge between this man you noticed and Yourself We find this article the most simple and easiest to put immediately into practice. There is often a fine line between flirting and coming across as annoying, at least that’s been my experience. I’ve seen women practically throw themselves into the Read More


10 best ways How to flirt with a guy

It doesn’t take a lot of science to attract a man In fact, women have a huge advantage when it comes to attraction. It’s hard for a man to resist the charm of a woman, right?  By using few of these tips you’ll automatically attract the attention of the man of your choice. Isn’t it that Read More


How to flirt with a Guy – Part 2

Flirting from a Man Point of View The basics are little different this time, and perhaps need a little bit more focus from your side. But hey, if you want to know how to meet men, these are precious tips. Here are the points: Eye contact Touch Voice Learn more from Mr. Handsome: 


How to flirt with a Guy – Part 1

Dating tips from a woman point of view How to flirt with a guy tips are not complicated and request very little effort from your part. Here are the basics: – Eye contact – Smile – Compliment him Isn’t it simple ? Listen to Samantha Jones, sorry, to Shallon, on these topics:


Top 10 Mistakes Women Make On First Dates

Let’s get honest for a minute. Being invited out for a meal or a drink with a man isn’t necessarily some great accomplishment. However, first dates are always a good marker for how a relationship could progress. They can either end on a positive note, or be a total disaster. The question for many women Read More