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Cheesy Teacher knows best how to charm a man

Leave up Your Opinion about Older guys, thew know things you don’t Watch out Dr.Paul giving his timeless tips on how to charm men. Men are no less sensitive to words than women, and it would do you a lot good if you knew how to tell a guy you like him in the right Read More


From Thug to Mr.right

5 Things Women wish Men would Give Up. We found this article very interesting for women to read, because that draws a line of standard we can refer to. Confusion can be the worse enemy when it comes to relationship. Why not having a clear vision of what you want before entering into a relationship ? There Read More


How your vision can empower your Relationship

“Cool” is not enough. A woman’s vision makes all the difference in the world The first of this set of 3 videos was about creating your place of Love Abundance. Second video was about pre-framing your man to be honest with you. In the process of how to get a guy to like you, the Read More


Talking About How Men Think: Are Men Afraid of Their Feelings?

It is a fairly common thought among women when men seem to take a step back that they are afraid of their feelings. Men themselves in general, do not concur. It is the ladies seeking to make sense of the imbalance in the relationship that they feel, who try to rationalize it, and give some Read More


How To Tell If A Guy Likes You For A Committed Relationship

“When I first meet a man, he develops a decent interest in me. However, after a few dates, he becomes very distant. At this point, I feel I should give up because he spends more time ignoring me.” Sadly, this is a very typical pattern for early relationships. In the beginning, the interest is strong. Read More


Learn To Understand Men – How men (may) think – part II

A lot of the problems that exist between men and women are due to mis-communication. This is because men and women simply don’t function the same way, much less communicate in the same way. Nevertheless, we do have the same needs and, for women, part of that is being able to know how to tell Read More


How To Understand Men – How men think

Ah, The mysteries of the male mind! Through the centuries, much has been written about the complexity of the feminine mind, forgetting how mysterious men can be. (Suffice to say, most of the writers were men!) How often has male behavior left us perplexed? We cry over how men think and how to find love Read More