Secret Survey of A Man’s Mind


What type of women men find irresistible?

The 12 Steps Formula

What is the deepest desire of men in regard how their perfect woman would be ? Such concept of being a perfect woman doesn’t exist of course, but men’s heart can be deeply melted when women behave in a certain way. It doesn’t take lot of effort. It doesn’t take lot of struggles. It is simply about a better understanding of male psychology.


How to know instantly if a guy likes you

4 Simple Tips to Know Instantly if a Guy is into You

If you are familiar to this site, you must be able by now to recognize the signs that a guy likes you.

But it’s useful to understand it from different angles, right? Mr.Handsome comes with a new video and here is what shows a man is attracted to you:

1- Proximity: Gravitate around you

2- Trying to impress you: Talk to you about himself

3- Keep conversation going on: re-initiate it if dying down

4- Physical touch



Why uninterested men could be your best fans

How to Know if a Guy Likes You even so he Behaves the Opposite

Normally if a guy likes you he is supposed to:

1- Approach you and continue the conversation

2- Touch you whenever he can

3- Smiling at you

4- Even starting at you!

5- Compliment you


But that’s what he does when he knows how to approach women.  But if he doesn’t ?

Watch out this great Video to understand the process and find a way to know if he really likes you. 


How your vision can empower your Relationship

“Cool” is not enough. A woman’s vision makes all the difference in the world

The first of this set of 3 videos was about creating your place of Love Abundance. Second video was about pre-framing your man to be honest with you. In the process of how to get a guy to like you, the 3rd one is obviously about the response you are going to offer him after he gave you his honest answer or opinion.

If you keep your “cool”, even in front of his confession of havingRead More


Why Men Prefer to lie

Pre-Frame Men to be Honest with You

The one thing men fear above everything, is the reaction of women when they give them an honest answer. You see, they would rather prefer their arm chopped by a crocodile than suffer the wrath of an offended crying and shouting woman.

And why is that? In your search of how to get a guy to like you, it’s important you understand men.

Men have 2 main needs: they need their thoughts to be respected, and they have a deep desire to bring Joy to theRead More


13 Signs That A Shy Guy Likes You

Shy Guys May Crave for You, but They will never Show it!

Ok, if you don’t like him, let him be shy over you, and don’t bother.

But if you DO like him, then be ready to be a bit proactive with him. He is staring at you but refuse eye contact. He is really to shy to talk to you, and if you ever talk to him he will be super nervous…you see what I mean.

Lizzie got the point, watch her giving you her best advice on shy guysRead More


Talking About How Men Think: Are Men Afraid of Their Feelings?


A Feeling is coming on, help, help!

Why should they be?

It is a fairly common thought among women when men seem to take a step back that they are afraid of their feelings. Men themselves in general, do not concur. It is the ladies seeking to make sense of the imbalance in the relationship that they feel, who try to rationalize it, andRead More


Discover the Real Reason ALL Men Lie to the Women They Love



Learn To Understand Men – How men (may) think – part II

How to know if a guy likes you

Men and women simply don’t function the same way, much less communicate in the same way

A lot of the problems that exist between men and women are due to mis-communication. This is because men and women simply don’t function the same way, much less communicate in the same way. Nevertheless, we do have theRead More


How To Understand Men – How men think


Do men really think?

Ah, The mysteries of the male mind!

Through the centuries, much has been written about the complexity of the feminine mind, forgetting how mysterious men can be. (Suffice to say, most of the writers were men!)

How often has male behavior left us perplexed? We cry over how men think and how to find love with men. How many tears have we shed over all their contradictions? Read More