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5 Things Women wish Men would Give Up.

We found this article very interesting for women to read, because that draws a line of standard we can refer to. Confusion can be the worse enemy when it comes to relationship.

Why not having a clear vision of what you want before entering into a relationship ? There are behaviors and attitude that are not so desirable for starting a long term relationship.  That women become more valuable in the eyes of men, and that they do the effort to get a chance to please them, can only be beneficial for women.

1- Giving up bad habits

Maybe you’re terrible at saving money. Maybe you’re a poor communicator. Maybe you don’t eat as healthy or workout as often as you should. The point is, to be with the right woman you’ve got to work to become the right man…

2- Giving up the need to have the last word

No relationship is sunshine and rainbows all the time, despite the vision you may get from some of my other articles. There will be disagreements, there will be arguments, and there will be, above all, compromise. When these situations arise, flexibility is key…

3- Ego trip

When we’re in our early 20’s, we’re invincible. We don’t need anyone. We’re the crème de la crème. But with maturity comes the realization that nobody’s perfect and we have a lot to learn….

4- Immaturity

Maybe your avoidance of commitment or aversion to romance served you well when your weekends were full of bars and clubs, but when you’re building a foundation for a future with a mature, established woman, you must adjust your approach…

5- Short term thinking

When we’re younger, it’s natural to think a little less about the future and a little more about the present. The right woman will understand that it’s difficult to plan a future with someone who has no future plan for themselves…

The best part about giving up these things is that you aren’t really losing anything at all.

By the way, when a guy is ready to stretch that far, it’s an incredible sign that he likes you.

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