10 best ways How to flirt with a guy

It doesn’t take a lot of science to attract a man

In fact, women have a huge advantage when it comes to attraction. It’s hard for a man to resist the charm of a woman, right?  By using few of these tips you’ll automatically attract the attention of the man of your choice. Isn’t it that simple? Yes it is.

A small remark: If the man doesn’t respond there are 3 possibilities:

  • He is too shy and can’t cop with your approach. Solution: you’ll have to be super gentle with him and see if eventually he is able to keep a minimum of his demeanor so that you can continue the conversation. If you do really like him, insist: Shy guys can be passionate lovers.
  • He is absolutely not interested? Just move on. Eventually he is just playing games and pretend not to be interested. In this case, see previous article here.
  • He is married! Shall we remind You what Confucius said ? : “Don’t do unto others, what you don’t want others do unto you”.  :-)

Here are 10 tips we recommend you:

1- Dress smart

This may sound shallow, but it is essential to get things started. It’s no secret that men like pretty women. Don’t be slipshod in your appearance when you know you will be meeting him. Wear something that flatters your figure, but don’t dress skimpily…

Invite him with a smile

2- Smile is the best opener

No guy can resist a woman’s enigmatic smile. When you spot a cute guy at the café or the library, make eye contact and give him a special smile. You can use a smile convey that you like what he’s wearing, or simply that you’re happy he’s around….

3- Leave your tribe for a while

Imagine you are hanging out with a bunch of friends, and you see a guy looking at you again and again. What do you do? You help him out by moving out alone for a few minutes…

4- Use your eyes

Eyes, they say, are windows into one’s soul. Whether he’s your date at a party or whether he’s a stranger in a roomful of people, eye contact can speak volumes. Giving him one long lingering stare before you turn away will send shivers down his spine…

5- Have some depth

The surest way to be interesting is to be interested in him. Men love attention. Ask him about his interests and make sure you listen attentively. Talk to him about what he likes to let him know you care…

6- The sense of Touch

When you are talking to him, casually lay a hand on his shoulder, or if you’ve known him for longer, on his thigh…

7- Discreet Sexual suggestion

As you start knowing him better and depending on how fast you want to go, you can drop hints. Running your fingers down your glass in a restaurant will get his imagination running…

8- Flatter his ego

Praise him before his friends and colleagues. Laugh at his jokes and make him feel that you’re enjoying yourself with him…

9- Praise him

If he compliments you, don’t be over-modest. Accept the compliment and return it creatively. For example, if he says, “That’s a nice dress you’re wearing.”, you can smile and say…

10- The best part is You

Putting on an act will get you nowhere. Even if you do all these things, you must be natural and true to what you feel…

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